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  • Even with 5 new casinos AND adding slot machines to race tracks, Illinois will STILL have FEWER gaming positions per capita than Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Missouri–EVERY SINGLE STATE WE BORDER
  • Illinois has the LOWEST gross gaming revenue per capita in the nation
  • Illinois has the HIGHEST daily win-per-unit slot machines in the nation, meaning that Illinois has the nation’s highest demand for the fewest slot machines and the most under-served gaming market in the nation


  • Crime has gone DOWN in Elgin, Aurora and Joliet–home of Illinois’ four highest grossing casinos (before Rivers opened in Des Plaines)–since those businesses opened there, IN SPITE of population increases
  • Since 1992 (when its first casino opened), Joliet’s population has DOUBLED and crime has gone DOWN by nearly 70%
  • In 1976 only Nevada allowed casinos and the national gambling addiction rate was .7%, and in 2011 the national gambling rate was LOWER (.66%), even though 38 states had legalized casino gambling
  • Illinois has the 7th lowest state divorce rate in the nation despite the presence of the nation’s 4th and 6th largest casino markets (Chicagoland/Northwest Indiana and St. Louis, respectively).
  • There is no statistically significant link between personal bankruptcy filings and proximity to casinos as proven in myriad government and independent 3rd party studies.


  • are LESS likely than the general public to make less than $35,000/year
  • are MORE likely than the general public to make between $35,000 and $100,000
  • are MORE likely than the general public to go to museums, sporting events, national parks, movies, and concerts
  • 85% of American adults have gambled during their lifetimes
  • 60% of American adults gamble annually


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