Southtown Star asks: What’s Quinn Really Want on Gaming Expansion?

“So, another chance to get a casino in the Southland and, more importantly, in Chicago, has failed, this time via a veto by Gov. Pat Quinn. …

“You’d think that with so many millions in gambling money at stake, expansion supporters and Quinn could get on the same page, but their lack of communication is disturbing. Quinn says he and his aides explained what must be in the bill; its legislative supporters say that’s not true and his objections keep changing.

“And why has that famous deal-maker, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, not been more involved? He needs to take a bigger role and drop the idea of the casino having some special and lesser oversight, unlike all other casinos in the state.

“Is Quinn using gambling expansion as leverage in achieving pension reform? Does he want it tied to a plan to limit video poker machines? He may have to reveal his hand this fall.”


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