“SB 1849 is a win for the state and Illinois residents, generating more than $1.5 billion in personal income earned through creating more than 20,000 new jobs at no cost to taxpayers. This proposal will put people back to work throughout the entire state.” -Henry Tamarin, President of UNITE HERE Local 1

“Illinois cannot afford to continue the bleed of gaming dollars across our border to place bets in Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa and Missouri. For far too long, our neighbors have used Illinois dollars to grow and expand their businesses, build roads, construct schools, and provide essential services to their residents.” -Jerry Roper, President and CEO of the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce

“With the governor’s signature, Illinois can comfortably expand gaming with new casinos and slots at racetracks and reap significant economic benefits and new jobs the state sorely needs.” -Bill Black, former Illinois State Representative

“This is a deal that must get done for Illinois. With our unemployment numbers still hovering around nine percent, the state can’t afford to take a pass on this vital piece of legislation. We’ve got men and women who are ready to go to work today, and SB 1849 would finally give them the opportunity to earn their living.” - Tom Balanoff, President, SEIU Local 1

“This bill (SB1840) would create tens of thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. Illinois is in no position right now, fiscally or jobs-wise to walk away from this kind of opportunity.” - John Coli, President Teamsters Joint Council 25

“The community wealth created by the project going forward cannot be matched. There will be jobs created, both short- and long-term for the casino and additional projects that our members will benefit from. And there will be new revenue coming into our community by visitors who come to the casino, but also stay in our hotels, eat at our restaurants and shop in our stores.” - Brad Glidden, Sheet Metal Workers Local #219 

“Our industries and members would be among the first to be positively impacted by the development of a casino. This is significant, since this group has been especially hit hard by the economic downturn and unemployment that followed. Additionally, our members would benefit as the casino would spur ancillary development projects.” - Glen Turpoff, executive director of Northern Illinois Building Contractors Association (NIBCA)

“This is an opportunity to not only create jobs, but to also bring additional wealth to the community through quality high-paying jobs. Construction jobs are a crucial part of Rockford’s economic engine and it cannot properly function without the opportunities that are created through building projects.” - John Penney, Northwestern Illinois Building and Construction Trades Council

“The casino expansion is a critically important issue concerning our community’s economic development, which is tied to creating more jobs in the region. The casino would provide our local and state governments with additional revenue to invest in capital improvement projects, thus helping to create additional ongoing jobs. - Jack Battel, executive director of the Northern Illinois Electrical Contractors Association

“Helping to improve the region’s unemployment rate not only helps out-of-work employees and their families, but it benefits the entire region and state. More people at work means more tax revenues coming in to help balance our city, county and state budgets.” - Dave Whitmore, Business Manager, Ironworkers Local 498

“This is all about job creation. The casino provides an opportunity for our community to really lead and flourish. It also enhances the opportunities to invest in our infrastructure and in our education system, which both impact our economic environment.” - Dominic Castanza, Business Manager, Laborers’ Local #32 

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