VIDEO: Henry County Fair Showcases Needs for Gaming Expansion

from WQAD-TV

“Illinois’ horse racing industry is facing dire straights.

“Attendance at the state’s horse tracks has fallen off dramatically meaning prize money is down.

“Shrinking purses mean fewer and fewer horse farms can afford to take part.

“This downward spiral has the industry searching for a new way to get racing fans and betters back to the track.

“A bill to allow slot machines at race tracks has passed the Illinois House of Representatives, and the state Senate. All governor Pat Quinn has to do is sign off on the measure. If he does horse experts say the move will create 30,000 jobs, or more as the industry gallops back to life.

“Allowing slot machines in race tracks would also generate an estimated $400 million dollars in much-needed tax revenue.

“The problem is Governor Quinn has said he doesn’t want more casinos in his state. Something that has nearly everyone related to the horse racing industry worried and upset.”

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