Why now?

Governor Pat Quinn has said that Illinois needs to face it’s “rendezvous with reality” with regards to budget policy.  And so a better question might be if not now, when?

  • Illinois has a $9 BILLION backlog in unpaid bills.
  • Illinois has the most underfunded pension obligation in the nation.
  • Illinois’ unemployment rate is still 8.6% (March 2013).  Too many people are desperately looking for work.
  • Illinois ranks among the worst states in the nation for job creation.

To be clear: gaming expansion and the passage of Senate Bill 1739 will NOT solve these problems.  But SB1739 will help.  Any job creation will help.  Any new revenue will help.  Especially if there is NO COST TO TAXPAYERS.

In that the majority of Illinois voters support gaming expansion, in that a vast majority of Americans gamble annually, and in that private businesses are fighting for the opportunity to invest in Illinois gaming expansion…the real question is WHY NOT?

Illinois gaming expansion is a common sense solution to getting the Illinois economy on the right track.

Email the Governor, and contact your local state legislators and ask WHY NOT NOW?


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